Bead Soup Blog Party 2013: Reveal Day - FAITH

Hello darlings,

Today it's the revealing day of the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party organised by Lori Anderson to which I thank very much for all that she does and I wish her well, hope to feel much better soon!!

It's a huge party, 541 participants! WOW! And it's getting higher ;) Today it's the third revealing day, we are 200 who show off today their projects! It will be a great pleasure to hop as much blogs and FB pages as possible! I hope I can get to all finally! ;)

This is my second Bead Soup blog Party and I'm very excited about it! I find more and more reasons to participate to the next parties, I find great inspiration and great PEOPLE!! Now we're moving on on Pinterest too, so if you want to see a lot of beautiful stuff in one place, check here  for the party participants or for the contest entries here!

In the first Bead Soup Party I have participated last year, my partner was Alison Sachs  and I've made some very beautiful necklaces out of her soup!! See here!

Now I'm pleasured to present you my new partner, Rachel Van Walsh, from Ireland!! She seems an extraordinary person, kind and warm, I like very much the fact that she was so interested in me... I've had some very bad whole weeks in the first 2 months of this year and I (still am actually) was pretty absent... But she was so nice, sending me such nice messages that brightened my day!! Thank you very much Rachel!! You've inspired me, not only by the soup but also with the energy and positive thoughts you have sent to me! 

I had a whole year of break from beads - not totally, of course, but I've been beading too rare I might say :) I missed the beads, the blog, everything!! Now I;m back, at the beginning of March I've released some collections, with a new awesome direction I want to follow in my creations, based on leather and natural wood beads: Connections, Jendayi , Amira Hasiina, Gadina and plenty are to follow, because my ideas are just flowing!!! I have a lot to catch up, in the next posts I will tell more about the pieces I've worked until now!

But today, it's FAITH's day!! Inspired by all the people around me, both off and online, who made my days brighter and easier in rough and good moments as well, by the things that are happening to me and the new sustained positive  thinking, free mind and spirit, dreaming an desiring, and of course my new achievement - a diploma in  Massage Therapy (and related), followed by the desire to learn and study much more in this area - because I strongly think it's time to learn to give back!-, the new collections and Bead Contests I organize  (Provocari Breslase - The Zodiac - with stones and zodiacal influences and Breslo Boemie- with free bohemian touches in our creations and lives), I made a necklace, a superb one, bold, extraordinary, interesting and with bohemian accents, in which I caught up all the things around me in this moment, all that gives me JOY and FAITH that I'm the right track and the autumn is ready to come on my brightest desires, and the winter will come shortly over the darkest things in my life and never loose FAITH that all the great things are prepared for me and are ready to reveal in my way !! 
There are so many things I put in here that I don't know how to say all... I guess I will leave a bit of mystery above it's symbolic meaning !

A much better image you'll find here
From Rachel I've received a wonderful Bead soup, made out of handmade and handpainted (by her) chain and clasp, 2 shell-focals (handmade by Yvi), great grey freshwater pearls, navy blue glass pearls, Swarowski crystals, lampwork glass rondelles, tierracast gold sealife charms and a superb denim blue crushed velvet ribbon.
I've used all of the beads and findings, except for the charms (which I might put them in this necklace if I think more about it :D) and some Swarowski crystals that I'll use for the matching earrings ;).
It's been a real challenge, it took my inspiration a while to come to life...but it finally did! I've worked more than 7 days full time (8-10 hours/day) at this project - mainly because I wanted to be perfect and I've made and unmade several times some of the components, I've made my own original design for the beaded base (so it's been a challenge to make it right!), I've rearranged the beads, ohh, ten times at least, made and unmade decisions about it, the beads, the design... until it looks like now! I love it, I love how it looks like worn, It's very interesting and appealing, it makes a statement, it liberates the mind, soul and body, it mixes a lot of things: colors, materials, shapes, dreams, ideas, symbols, darkness and light, mate with shiny, styles and techniques! I simply love it!!
I wanted to keep the shell focals in... focus  so they were the base for my design.. I love their finesse and simplicity, their boldness and perfection and I wanted to make sure they are at their best! And I think they are!! I wanted from the start to use at least 90% of the materials, preferably in one project and I made it! I've joined all things together with Toho, Delica, Chezch and some usual seed beads, crystals and glass beads in various shapes and forms,  gemstones in various forms (amethyst, Agate, Jasper, Mountain Jade, Calcite, Kianite, Apatite) and freshwater pearls, shells, Zirconium dangles and a very beautiful lace ribbon, with metallic cord and brass, bronze and gun metal findings - all this along with what I've received from Rachel- using a whole bunch o techniques (from simple stringing to horizontal and freeform netting, fringe, peyote, brick, right angle weave, embelishment techniques, etc) !!

I love my FAITH necklace, and since next weekend we celebrate Easter here in Romania, I believe it is the perfect moment for this Reveal!!

 I hope you like it at lewast half as I do!

Have a great day!!!



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Clayworks by Lisa Boucher spunea...

What a beautiful piece of wearable art! You're very talented. You really worked that soup Rachel sent you!

Skye spunea...

Wow ! That necklace is a real stunner! It looks fabulous on you, too :) My eyes and fingers ache at just the thought of how long it must have taken to make though >.< lol

pinkchapeau spunea...

Such an amazing piece!!! LOVE it! The mix of colors and textures is gorgeous.

kathy stemke spunea...

Wow! That's a work of art that should be frammed. It has made my favs list which will be published tomorrow.

I'm now following your blog. Please consider following mine.

Leah Tees spunea...

Wow amazing!!!

balanced. spunea... Andra!! I am blown away! so blown away! That is... AMAZING! I just keep staring at it, there is so much to see. I am so impressed. You are insanely talented! I also want to send this to Ivy, she will be thrilled to see how you used her shells! I can't seem to say enough about this necklace, it is outstanding!
And I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. It was such a pleasure being paired up with you. Thank you for the wonderful soup and your kindness. Ugh, I love this necklace! Can't say it enough! You are amazing.

Othel spunea...

Now this is something that I have never seen before. What a great big beautiful collar! Your work is very personal style, wild and strong.

bailaora spunea...

really amazing necklace, hours of hard work, i suppose!

AWJewelry spunea...

All I can say is WOW that is fab!

Pepita spunea...

I'm speechless!! It is certainly a statement piece and I do believe you've spent so many hours to complete it!!! Good job!

vintagesusie spunea...

WOW...what a lot of work you put into making your soup...this piece is amazing! Great job!!

BeadsByEarthTones spunea...

hello my friend! wow, can you say serious talent?! what an incredible, GORGEOUS piece!! stunning work andra!

Catherine King spunea...

Stunning! I love the total composition of this piece. Faith indeed.

Just Beads spunea...

Wow, what a stunning work! It's amazing wearable art.

AllesPerle spunea...

Oh my god, what an amazing necklace, beeeaaauuutiful!

Hippie Chick Jewelry & Design spunea...

WOW! stunning necklace, really beautiful!

vovsblog spunea...

Beautiful work and great use of the materials!

Milla Hope spunea...

Happy Faith Day!!! Great piece of Art!!!

Donetta spunea...

This is a truly amazing piece of art. I can see how much time and love went into this beauty!

Becky Pancake spunea...

Andra your Faith necklace is outstanding.

Sandra spunea...

Wow, I'm floored. That necklace is just so elaborate and full of awesome. <3

Jean A. Wells spunea...

That is amazing. Wow. If i could come back and do something like that, i would take a year off too. That is gorgeous.

VasDea spunea...

Wow - just gorgeous - how pretty.

Karen Mitchell spunea...

Absolutely stunning!

Sandra Young spunea...

Spectacular design. Absolutely stunning.

Bookbug spunea...

WOW - WOW - WOW. I am stunned at the beauty and wonder of your work. Just amazing!!

NadrArt Andra spunea...

Wow, girls! thank you very much!! Your words mean so much to me!! It completes perfectly my work and its meaning!!
I feel very good about it, it turned out much better than I expected, although I followed pretty close the sketch, the final detail (the embelished ribbons worn in front as an important part of the design and statement) made all the difference!
So thank you thank you thank you!! I am so glad I am a part of this wonderful amazing movement we make with this Bead Soup Party!! It's so great when more people work together and put all their best to achieve a common goal! The world is much more different now, much better, with us creating together such wonderful things for this Hop!! Only together we can make a better world, we can make a difference!!

Barb Fernald spunea...

Wow! What incredible detail. That is a stunning necklace!

Ann spunea...

That's a fantastic necklace and looks like a huge amount of work. Stunning!

Shalini spunea...

This is just A M A Z I N G!


wow, this is stunning, a piece of art!
you are very talented, great job, I love it!
ciao dall'Italia

Cheryl Dunham spunea...

It is a piece of. Art. Beautiful.

Kepi spunea...

Gorgeous piece of art, great design.

Nan Smith spunea...

What a beautiful work of art! You are truly talented. So much work and thoughtfulness went into this necklace and it is a great success!Thank you for sharing.

LiliKrist spunea...

OMG! It's so cool Andra!

sam Waghorn spunea...

What a fantastic 'adornment' truly breathtaking work.

Mimi {SignatureSterling} spunea...

What an incredible piece of art! Truly breathtaking!

NadrArt Andra spunea...

Tank you so much to all of you!! I am very honored!!!

PiPa spunea...

I'm speachless! This is awesome! A work of art indeed, congratulations

Linda K. spunea...

Oh my goodness! This necklace absolutely spectacular!

D Michelle Wigginton spunea...


val tilghman spunea...

Amazing! I so wish that I had the patience for detailed work like that...

la mar de bonita spunea...

Breathtaking beautiful, Andra! So much details in your design, soooo lovely! And a nice photo show too ;0)

Jessica spunea...

WHOA!! That necklace is MAJOR! LOVE IT!

steufel spunea...

Oh my, that is spectacular!

Kokopelli spunea...

OMG! I'm speechless!

Designed by Vera spunea...

Beautiful! You did an awesome job! Thanks for sharing

NadrArt Andra spunea...

Thank you all, darlings!! i am really happy yu all like it!!

Schmuck der gut tut spunea...

WOW!!! Not wow, no - WOW! I'm a follower now, sure!!

Karen M spunea...

WOW! That is a beautiful artistic piece. Very nice!

Nelly May spunea...

That's an absolutely amazing piece of work. Well done!

ACBeads spunea...

Hi Andra! You've made a work of art and it's wearable too! Have a nice weekend. Ana

CraftyHope spunea...

WOW!! That necklace is absolutely stunning! You really outdid yourself with your soup. Fabulous job.

Dini Bruinsma spunea...

I've never seen a ♥design♥ like this before, so many beautiful details! Amazing! Have a great weekend :-)